Parturition safe ascertains that any rescue parturition has erudition, craft,
and tool to give accomodation safe and clean, with give childbed service to
mother and baby. Place parturition distinguishable be 2, namely Hospital with
helped professional energy, subsidized with complete device and at home or
mother residence that will give with device does existence. Based on data that got
from midwife at Manggis Village Sirampog District that program execution
parturition that helped by public health service has achieved 100 percents. But
the execution around 68 percents chooses to give birth to at home, 32 percents
birth at Hospital or in Midwife place. To detect factors backgrounding mother in
place election give birth at Mangosteen District Sirampog Village Brebes
Method: This watchfulness method descriptive study with approaches crosse
sectional. Population total that is as much as 77 person. Sample taking technique
that is total sampling.
A large part respondent chooses house as place give birth that is as much as
65 respondents (84,4%). a large part respondent that choose house as place give
birth that is has education base (83,3%), correlating status doesn’t work (95,8%),
low family income (93,2%), has erudition level less (95,5%) and has attitude
unfavourable (92,9%).
The factors behind surface mother chooses house as place of birth that is
low education factor, status doesn’t work, erudition less, and attitude

Keyword : Mother background, Place Selection to Birth.