The purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics of the incidence of
placental abruption in hospitals Purbalingga the period January 2001 to January,
Methods This research is descriptive Retrospective Study. Samples of this
research is data mothers who have placental abruption in hospitals Purbalingga
in the period January 2001 - January 2006 were taken in total or total population.
The results of this study is the number of occurrences of placental abruption in
women giving birth in hospitals Purbalingga were 19 cases with characteristics of
placental abruption incidence seen from the respondent's age is> 35 years as
many as 10 people (52.63%) and views of parity is parity> 3 were 13 cases
The conclusion in this study that the characteristics of the incidents in hospitals
Purbalingga Placental abruption is the age and parity.

Keywords: placental abruption characteristics, age, parity.