Someone who is anxious in undergoing menopause, in general do not get the
right information about menopause so that dibayangkannya is the negative effects that
will affect them after the menopausal changes depends very much on the views of each
of the women against menopouse, including knowledge about menopouse. A good
knowledge about menopause will help women understand and prepare to undergo
menopause. This research aims to know the relationship between the level of education
of the mother pramenopause with menopause face a level of anxiety in Pelumutan
village of Purbalingga in 2011. Type of this research is a Survey of analytical approach
to the study of cross sectional. The sampling technique with Random Sampling, large
samples in this research was 74 people. Types of primary data obtained from the
questionnaire results.
Kendal tau test based on the obtained results z z > count table (8.399 > – 1.64,
p value 0.000, Ï„ = 0.05 <-0,677), so that there is a significant relationship between the
educational level of the mother's anxiety level with premenopausal in dealing with
menopause. From this research it can be concluded that, the higher the mother's level of
education is low then the premenopausal levels of anxiety in the face of menopause.

Key words: Relationship, pramenopause, Mother's education level of anxiety.