Background: effective learning methods are still less widely used diinstitusi
midwifery education in particular, so many students who have difficulty in understanding,
remembering and re mereviuw lesson, this causes the output was less than the maximum. One
of the methods known learning effective in improving student learning outcomes are Mind
Mapping, Wikimindmap (2008) says that Mind Mapping can improve the effectiveness of
learning up to 15%, so the need for research on the effectiveness of learning Mind Mapping
methods to improve student learning outcomes midwifery.
Method: Experiment study with pretest-posttest design with control group. Location
of study at polytechnic Kemenkes Yogyakarta Programs Midwifery. The subjects were 60
students have regular classes and extension classes of fourth semester taken by cluster
random sampling. The type of data is primary data. Analysis of data using independent
sample t-test with a significance of 0.05.
Results: The t test showed a mean learning outcomes of students with learning Mind
Mapping method was (3.47 ± 1.252) whereas the average results of student learning with the
learning method for non Mind Mapping (2.27 ± 0.785). T-count (4.448)> t-table (1.678) with
Ï (0.003) <α (0.05).

Keywords: Effectiveness, Learning Method, Mind Mapping, Learning Outcomes.