Maternal mortality remains a major problem in Indonesia. Maternal
Mortality Rate (MMR) in Indonesia is relatively high, in 2009, that is 226 / 100,000
live births (KH), and the biggest cause of AKI is postpartum hemorrhage that is equal
to 80%. The incidence of postpartum hemorrhage in hospitals Banjarnegara 20092010

will be higher as many as 238 cases compared Purbalingga Hospital. To
determine the characteristics of the birth mothers with postpartum hemorrhage in
Banjarnegara District Hospital 2009-2010.
This type of research is quantitative descriptive retrospective approach, and
secondary data types. Samples were taken using a total of 238 respondents sampling.
Data collected by the master table.
The Postpartum Hemorrhage Figures Genesis 3.9%, based on the age of the
greatest at the age of 20-35 years (72.7%), the smallest age <20 years (13.4%). The
parity parity 2-5 (multiparous) (56.3%), the smallest in the parity grandemultipara
(2.1%). Based on the factors causing the biggest caused by a retained placenta at
53%, and the smallest is caused by inversio uteri and uterine rupture of 0.4%.
The incidence of postpartum hemorrhage of 3.7% - 3.9% of 3138 deliveries, the
largest maternal age 20-35 years of age (72.7%). The maternal parity 2-5
(multiparous) (56.3%). And the biggest cause factor caused by retained placenta
Keywords: Maternity, Postpartum Hemorrhage