Background of the research: Mother Death Rate (AKI) in Indonesia is still
relatively high. Most of the death is caused by pregnancy and birth complication.
One of the preventation is by raising the midwifery attendance that fill the
standard of safety and effectiveness.The standard used is ANC. Based on the
formerly study in the Puskesmas Sumbang I and II, there are 17 DI midwife and
15 DIII midwife, so that there is still variation in ANC Standard.
Aim : To know the correlation between the Midwife Educational Grade
with the Knowledge Grade of the ANC Standard at the pregnancy mother in
Puskesmas Sumbang I and II at Banyumas Regency in the 2011.
Methode : Kind of research is Analitik Correlational by using the Cross
Sectional. The population of the research is all midwifes in Puskesmas I and II,
they are all 32 midwifes with the Total Sampling. Kind of data is Primer with the
Questioner Instruments
Result : There are 17 DI education grade midwifes (53.1%) and 15 DIII
education grade ones (46.9%). The midwifes with the good knowledge grade of
ANC Standard are 18 person (56,2%) and the rest, with the average grade are 14
person (43,8%). The result of the Rank spearman Correlation with the count-r is
Summary : There is a correlation between the midwife educational grade
with the knowledge grade of ANC standard in the pregnant mother at Puskesmas
Sumbang I and II, at Banyumas Regency, in the 2011(p-value=0,000 <ï¡ = 0,05).
Key Words : The midwife educational grade, the knowledge grade the
grade knowledge of ANC Standard.