Breast cancer in many countries is the most common cancer and the most
important cause of death in women. In most states take a second breast cancer
after cervical cancer. It is not known with certainty the cause of breast cancer, can
only be known to certain risk factors that may be associated with breast cancer. In
Margono Soekarjo Navan Hospital in 2013 In January-June of breast cancer
patients as much as 363 people.
The goal is to reveal the risk factors of breast cancer in women of
reproductive age in hospitals Prof. Dr.. Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto period
from January to July in 2013.
This study is a survey research with cross sectional analytic. The sample
used was accidental sampling, the sample in this study was 73 respondents.
Analysis of the data in the study using univariate analysis.
From the results of breast cancer by 36 respondents (49.3%), age> 35 years were
62 respondents (84.9), parity multiparas 30 respondents (41.1), age of menarche ≥
12 years as many as 49 respondents (67.1).

Keywords: Breast Cancer, WUS, risk factors (age, parity, menarche)