In Indonesia preeclampsia-eclampsia is a disease in pregnancy who asks a huge toll on the
mother and baby. Unknown maternal mortality rate ranged from 9.8% - 25.5%, while infant
mortality is even higher, which is 42.2% - 48.9% (Wikjosastro, 2005). Based on preliminary
studies conducted in hospitals Purbalingga data showed the incidence of preeclampsia in the
year 2008 as many as 61 cases (4.16%) of the 1513 deliveries and increased in 2009 to 73
cases (4.58%) of the 1594 deliveries. And based on preliminary studies conducted in
hospitals Banjarnegara preeclampsia data obtained in 2009 were 71 cases (3.46%) of the
2051 deliveries. Interest to describe the characteristics of maternal age and parity with
preeclampsia in hospitals Purbalingga 2009. The research design used in this research is
quantitative descriptive retrospective approach using population. Population birth mothers
with preeclampsia who were treated in the hospital delivery room Purbalingga of 2009
amounted to 73 respondents. Sample total sampling number of 73 respondents. Data from
Purbalingga Hospital Medical records in 2009. It consists of a variable that is characteristic
features of maternal preeclampsia (age and parity). Analysis of data using frequency
distribution. Characteristics of maternal age with the greatest preeclampsia at the age of 2035
years with a percentage of 50.68%, and the smallest at age <20 years with the percentage of

10.96%. Characteristics of maternal parity with the parity multiparas biggest
preeclampsia (bore 2-5 times) with a percentage of 45.20% and the smallest at parity
grandemultipara (gave birth to 6 times or more) with a percentage of 20.55%.
Keywords: Mother Maternity, age, parity