Background: injectables is one of the many devotees contraception acceptor 323 (15%) and can
effectively delay or space pregnancy. The reasons for selecting the place of research in the
village Tipar Kidul because of the number of acceptors acceptors with 323 (15%). Acceptor has
a practical reason, easily done 3 months, side effects are few, the location close to where
contraceptive services and affordable costs.
Objective: To determine the picture of interest to follow family planning acceptors and side
effects of injections for 3 months (DMPA) acceptor injections 3 months (DMPA) In the village
Tipar Ajibarang Kidul District Banyumas in 2011.
Methods: This study is a descriptive cross-sectional quantitative approach. Samples were 49
acceptors. The sampling technique used purposive sampling. The instrument used was a
questionnaire. Data were analyzed by univariate test that uses the results mean.
Results: Of the 49 acceptors acceptors largely follow the family planning program aimed to
space pregnancy are 26 acceptors (53.1%). Most of the acceptor states experiencing side effects
such as menstrual disorders were 38 acceptors (77.6%) and increased weight gain of 22
acceptors (44.9%).
Conclusion: The aim acceptor program 3 months DMPA injections in Tipar Kidul village to
space pregnancy and most of the acceptor experiencing side effects such as menstrual disorders.
Keywords: The aim of family planning programs, the side effects of family planning acceptors
3-month injectable (DMPA)