Diabetes mellitus (DM) or diabetes, including category degenerative diseases harmful
to humans at this time. One factor that may help lower blood sugar levels is to therapy
Aleovera juice (aloe vera), its content can lower blood sugar levels in addition to the need for
insulin / medication which contain many chemicals.This study aimed to determine the effect
of aloe vera juice to decrease blood sugar levels in patients with Type II diabetes in Brebes
District Health Clinics Brits. This study used an experimental design with pre and post test
approach to design. Population / sample is non probability sampling with accidental
sampling method at the district health center. Brits as many as 25 people. Cheklist data
collection refers to blood sugar levels. Analysis of data using statistical test through
comparative hypothesis is to test a population-shaped normal distribution comparison using
paired T-test. Statistical test results on the respondents treated p value = 0.0002, There is a
significant relationship between the first measurement with the second measurement after a
given treatment administration of Aloe Vera juice to decrease blood sugar levels in patients
with diabetes mellitus type II. It was therefore concluded there is a significant difference
between the levels of sugar in the first measurement with the second measurement. From the
data obtained the average sugar content 278.52 mg / dl, defiasi 51.23 mg / dl, and after given
the aloe vera juice obtained an average sugar content 224.56 mg / dl highest sugar levels 314
mg / dl and lowest 152 mg / dl with a standard deviation of 49.37 mg / dl. It is concluded that
administration of Aloe Vera juice can lower blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.
Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus Type II, Aloe Vera Juice, Blood Sugar Levels.