Child " special needs" or children with special needs , including children who experience
obstacles in development of behavior . The behavior of these children , which is comprised
of speech and occupational not develop as a normal child . Both types of behavior are
essential for communication and socialization , so that when these obstacles are not
addressed quickly and appropriately , then the children's learning process will also be
hampered . One of the educational game is a puzzle game . Puzzles can provide an
opportunity to learn a lot . One of the benefits of playing puzzle is to improve social skills.
The aim in this study was to determine the effect of the method of playing puzzle
socialization skills of children with mental retardation in SLB C YAKUT Purwokerto.
This study is a pre- experimental design while the study was non - randomized one-group
pre - post test design . The sampling technique using a random sampling of 30 children.
Statistical test using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test of significance α = 0.05.
The results showed the average value of the respondents' social skills before playing
puzzlesebesar 20.17 and after 114.0 . Statistical analysis showed that the therapy puzzles
have significant effects where p = 0.001 ( p < 0.05 ) . The conclusion from this research
that puzzle play therapy effective against social skills in children with mental retardation
in SLB C YAKUT Purwokerto.

Keywords : puzzle , the ability of socialization , children with mental retardation