Sibling rivalry is a jealously competition between sibling. Parent’s
knowledge of sibling rivalry prevention is very important to minimalism effects of
sibling rivalry in home. This study conducted to know a relationship between
parent’s knowledge and behavior to prevent the sibling rivalry in home. Method
used is non-experimental study with cross sectional approach. Sample of this study
consist of 30 respondent with two sibling < 5 years old with total sampling
technique. Result of study analyzed with cross sectional approach with SPSS versi
This study showed that respondent still lack of knowledge about sibling
rivalry prevention (60%) and respondent behavior to prevent sibling rivalry mostly
still lack too (50%). There is a significant relationship between knowledge and
behavior of parent to prevent sibling rivalry in Kedungjati, Bukateja, Purbalingga
district (p= 0,003, r= 0,526).
Key Words : knowledge, behavior, sibling rivalry