Elderly are group vulnerable to disease because of the degenerative process. Disease
that often arise in elderly is rheumatism. This can be caused by less of knowledge about
rheumatic. Less knowledge can be affected by experience, education level, beliefs, facilities,
income, and social culture. In increase knowledge about health is a necessary part of
health education. Selection methods of health education is important because it can effect
the delivery of information to health education target. The purpose of this study to
determine the effect of health education group discussion method to the elderly score
against increased knowledge about rheumatic. The research was conducted in elderly IHC
of RW V Ledug subdistrict Kembaran. The research method used is pre-experiment
research with the type of one group pretest and posttest design. The population in this were
research that the all elderly in IHC of RW V Ledug, while the sample were of 27
respondent. Data were collected before and after the health education group discussion
method using a measuring ratio scale.
The result of this study is that there is significant increase of knowledge the
respondents before and after health education about rheumatic group discussion method
with P < 0,01.

Key words : Health Education, Knowledge and Rheumatic.