Background: District of Salem is a village that has a lot of idle rural village
nevertheless siaganya yet stable. Standby village management carried out by
members of the public especially the cadres, who are concerned about health
problems dikecamatan salem.
Objective: To determine the knowledge level overview about the village health
volunteers on standby at Puskesmas Salem District of Brebes in 2013 by level of
education, resources and age.
Methods: This research is a quantitative descriptive method with cross sectional
study approach. With a sampling technique accidental sampling sample size is 66
people. The study used primary data in the form of questionnaires, processed
denagn way of editing, scoring, tabulating.
Results: The knowledge level of alert village health volunteers have enough
knowledge that 32 (48.5%). Education and health cadres SMA / MA / equivalent
level of education is quite a number of 18 people (27.3%). Source of information
comes from health care workers have a level of knowledge sufficient number of 28
(42.4%). Respondents aged 20-35 years have the level of knowledge about a
number of 27 people (40.9%).
Conclusion: The majority of health workers have enough knowledge level,
educational level SMA / MA / equivalent, received information from the print
media, aged 20-35 years.
Keywords: Knowledge, health cadres, village standby