The most health problems encountered in the elderly is a chronic disease that sometimes
arise acutely and will suffer until death. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that is often
found in elderly populations. Physical exercise is one of the four pillars of the implementation of
diabetes mellitus because it can decrease glucose levels in the blood. One exercise that
recommended in the elderly population is gymnastics feet.
To know influence of gymnastics feet to degradation of blood glucose rate in elderly with
diabetes mellitus. This research conducted at health center of old age in Village Ledug District
The type of this research is a quantitative with pre-experiment one group pretest and
posttest design. Sampling using a total sampling technique with check-list form SOP and with
the glucometer brands Bionime GM 100 to measure 24 respondents. Analysis of the data used
the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test.
From these results there is a significant relationship between leg exercise therapy to
decrease blood glucose in older adults with diabetes, where there the P value 0.014 <0.05.
Most of the respondents experienced a decrease in blood glucose after doing gymnastics feet
Based on the results of research are among the effect of gymnastic feet therapy to
decrease blood glucose in older adult with diabetes mellitus, need for regular activities
in exercise implementation in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Keywords: Gymnastics Feet Therapy, Elderly and Diabetes Mellitus.