The prevalence of cervical cancer is widely available in developing countries like Indonesia
with a total incidence of 40-45 new cases per day. Cervical cancer usually affects women who
are already sexually active, especially who have many sexual partners and having sex at the
age under 20 years old. Cervical cancer is the first cancer killer among other cancers in women
with cervical cancer mortality by 20-25 cases per day. Therefore we need proper treatment to
Chemotherapy is one of the management of cervical cancer with distant metastases and
local or regional recurrence that does not respond to surgery or radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy can cause side effects, both physically and psychologically for the client. One of
the psychological effect is decreased quality of life.
The purpose of this research is to describe the quality of life for clients who undergo
chemotherapy for cervical cancer based on age and stage of the cancer in the room Bougenvil
Hospital Prof. Dr. Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto.
This study uses quantitative and descriptive analytic design with cross sectional approach.
Sampling using accidental sampling technique using a questionnaire which was distributed to
23 respondents. Data were analyzed using univariate analysis followed bivariate analysis using
chi square.

Keywords: quality of life, cervical cancer, chemotherapy