Bronchial asthma is one of allergic disease and a health problem both in developed
countries and in developing countries characterized by reversible narrowing of the bronchi due to
bronchial hyperactivity . The prevalence and hospitalization rates of bronchial asthma in
developed countries from year to year tend to increase. One of the triggers of asthma is stress.
Stress is closely related to a hormone called glucocorticoids . Glucocorticoids which regulates
metabolism and resistance to stress , including cortisol , corticosterone and cortisone .
Glucocorticoids can potentially respond kotekolamin the bronchial tissue , occurs only at
concentrations influence physiology . This suggests cortisol has a role in affecting airway tone in
The purpose of this study was mengidentifikasipengaruh swimming against cortisol levels
in patients with asthma
The design of this study is a quasi experimental study with pre-post study design -test
group design . Measurement of cortisol levels do in the beginning , middle and end of the
treatment pool exercises were performed 1 week 3 times in the morning with a sample of 20
respondents . Cortsisol hormonal measurements done using ELIZA measurement , the blood of the
respondents were taken before and after swimming practice . People with asthma are taken by a
medical diagnosis is determined by the doctor at the health center Brits with the male gender
The result of this research is there before and after the effect of swimming exercise on cortisol
levels in patients with asthma .

Keywords : Pool , cortisol , asthma