A series of studies shows the influence of sleep on quality of sleep position. Setting the
position of sleep is one of the nursing actions that aim to reduce breathlessness and meet
patient needs rest so as to obtain good quality sleep. This study aims to determine the quality
of sleep in a sleeping position facing to the right in congestive heart failure patients.
Comparative descriptive study with a population of congestive heart failure patients without
COPD. The sample size of 16 respondents consecutive sampling and sampling techniques.
The instrument used was obserbvasi sheet and a video recorder as well as kuasioner The
Pittsburgh Sleep QualityIndex (PSQI). The results of measuring the quality of sleep in a
numeric scale and analysis of different test used is Independent sample t test. The results
showed a mean score of sleep quality treatment groups smaller than the control group
(respectively 6.75 and 10.5). Results obtained independent t-test p 0.015 <α. Conclusion: No
difference in sleep quality scores between the treatment group and the control group,
statistically significant. Thus, the quality of sleep of heart failure patients were skewed right
kongstif better than sleeping position facing in addition to the right.

Keywords: Quality, Sleep Position, Congestive Heart Failure