Health problems are common genital area in women is vaginal discharge. As
many as 75% of women in the world have suffered from pathological vaginal
discharge. Indonesian women are more prone to reproductive tract infections
(RTI) such as flour albus (white) in Indonesia picucuaca moist. Based on the
results of preliminary studies conducted by researchers, the results obtained in
2013 the number of cases of pathological vaginal discharge as many as 953 cases,
consisting of as many as 458 cases BV, trichomoniasis as 6 cases and 489 cases of
This research method is pre exsperimental design using the approach of one group
pretest - posttest. Data collection techniques using primary data obtained from
respondents directly, secondary data in the study include the initials of
respondents, data on the number of women who mengalamikeputihan. The
sampling technique used purposive sampling 91sampel.
The results showed that the results of the univariate analysis showed that prior
knowledge of counseling average of 91 respondents was as much as 59.9 where
the score is included in a sufficient knowledge. While after counseling the average
amount of knowledge amounted to 71.7 is included in the score range sufficient
Bivariate analysis results showed that there was an effect of counseling on
discharge thitung (-10.424) <- ttable (-1.6620) and Sig value 0.000 <0.1 it can be
concluded that Ho is rejected, meaning that the average knowledge before and
after counseling is different (no influence).
The conclusion of this study that there was an effect of counseling on discharge
given to women to the level of knowledge that increased scores but are still
included in the knowledge enough.
Keywords: Counseling, Whitish, Knowledge Level, Woman