Background: Breast cancer is the cancer with the highest incidence rate of the
number 2 after cervical cancer. The number of breast cancer patients around the
world continues to increase. The direct causes of breast cancer up to now
unknown, regarding treatment, among experts in the world are also many
differences of opinion. There are many treatment of breast cancer include,
Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy.
Objective: To determine the description of the implementation of the therapy in
women with breast cancer in Banyumas General Hospital in 2013.

Methods: This research is quantitative descriptive retrospective study approach.
The sample used is total sampling, samples of this study were all women with
breast cancer who carry out road maintenance in hospitals Banyumas ie 40

Results: From the results, the majority of respondents were age ≥ 50 years a total
of 33 respondents (82.5%), mostly there is no family history of breast cancer in as
many as 27 respondents (67.5%), the majority of respondents have as much parity
multiparas 25 respondents (62.5%), the majority of breast cancer treatment is
chemotherapy as much as 15 respondents (37.5%).
Conclusion: The majority of breast cancer treatment is with chemotherapy
Keywords: Breast Cancer Treatment, Age, Family History, Parity