Background: Data from Banyumas in December 2015 infants below the red line (BGM)
during October 2016 year has the highest incidence rate in the Puskesmas Cilongok II 68
infants, 74 toddlers there Kebasen health center below the red line, the working area of
Banyumas Health Center highest occupied as many as 96 infants below the red line.

Objective: To reveal the risk factors for infants below the red line (BGM) in the Village
Papringan Banyumas Banyumas Banyumas district in 2015 by parent education, parent
income and toddlers illness.

Methods: This was a descriptive type of research based on primary data taken using
interview techniques and instruments are questionnaires to 14 parents who have toddlers
below the red line (BGM) in the village, Banyumas Banyumas district Papringan 2012.

Results: Overview of Risk Factors for Toddlers Under the Red Line in the Village District
Papringan Banyumas Banyumas In 2016 the majority of elementary education in 12
respondents (85.7%) of parents who have toddlers BGM, lower levels of income or less than
$ 795,000.00 which is 9 respondents (64.3%), and respondents with no PEM disease, heart
disease and diarrhea.

Conclusion: Overview of Risk Factors Bottom Line Toddler Red (BGM) in the village,
Banyumas Banyumas District Papringan 2016. Most parents who have toddlers or elementary
BGM primary education, low income levels and the diseases suffered by toddlers BGM lung
disease, fever, cough and colds.

Keywords: Risk factors for toddlers, BGM