The purpose of this research is to determine the level of knowledge of mothers of
respiratory disease by age and education in the village Balapulang Balapulang
Wetan District of Tegal 2008.
This research method is a descriptive study with cross sectional approach.
Population and sample in this study were mothers who have children aged 0-5
years in Desa Wetan Balapulang Balapulang District of Tegal. Total sample is 55
respondents drawn using Proportional Stratified Random Sampling technique.
Instrument in this study was a questionnaire.
The results of this study are mostly less knowledgeable respondents as many as 23
people (41.8%), aged 20-35 years as many as 31 people (56.35%), with a
secondary school education level, there are 26 (47.3%). While the level of
knowledge of mothers by the age of majority aged 20-35 years with sufficient
knowledge as much as 14 respondents (45.2%) and the mother's level of
knowledge based education mostly junior high school education with less
knowledge of as many as 15 people (57.7%).
The conclusion in this study that the level of knowledge of mothers about ARI
beradsarkan age and education level are sufficient in the age group 20-35 years
and less in secondary school education.

Keywords: knowledge of respiratory disease, the toddler's mother.