Newborns and children of school age are at high risk of developing infectious diseases such as
the deadly; Diferi, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Influenza, Typhus, pneumonia which intermittently
shows up and can cause disability or death. One of the best prevention and very vital is to do
immunization. The goal in this research to find out the factors that affect the mother's knowledge
of the full basic immunization. Type of this research is a descriptive quantitative research, with
cross sectional approach. The respondents in the study was the mother of the baby. Sampling
techniques are the total sampling with a respondent's 43.

The research results of the mother's knowledge arises about five full basic immunization at
Posyandu Lestari 6 Village Kedung Randu Patikraja Banyumas, a majority of respondents have
knowledge enough of were 79.1%. Based on age, most of the respondents including age group of
20-35 years old with enough knowledge that is of 65,1%. Based on parity, the majority of
respondents have parity 1, with sufficient knowledge of 44.2%. Based on education, most of the
respondents have a basic level of education with sufficient knowledge i.e. of 72.1%.

Key words: Knowledge, Five Full Basic Immunization