According to Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey in 2008, the consumption
of formula milk in Indonesia had increased from 15% in 2003-2004 to 30% in 2008. Tthe
complications that occur in babies feed with formula, among other things the risk of
contamination so that the baby has infected the gastrointestinal and respiratory , failure to
growth and risk of overweight (obesity).The purpose of this research is to determine the effect
of the characteristics and knowledge of breastfeeding mothers to formula feeding at infant
aged 0-6 months. The type of this research is explanatory, with cross sectional approach. The
sampling technique was done by random sampling with 51 respondents.
The test statistic used is Chi Square. The result of this research from the total of 51
respondent is 46 respondents give formula to infants aged 0-6 months27 (52.9%),
respondents are high school graduate 22(43.1%), respondents have a job as PNS/Police 46
(90.2%) respondents. The conclusions of this research show that related factors are the
knowledge. Factors that are not related is the characteristic of age.
Key words: Milk formula, Characteristics, Knowledge.