KPD is defined as rupture prematurely melahirkan.Faktor the factors that affect KPD
include infection, incompetent cervix, multiple gestation, fetal abnormalities layout,
malposition, pelvic Cefalo disporposi, multigravida, abnormal membranes (amnionitis and
korioamionitis), amniotomi too early, their hypermotility womb that happened a long time
before the amniotic pecah.Penyakit diseases such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, cervicitis and
vaginitis.DiRSUD Prof. Dr. Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto obtained KPD incidence in the
last 2 years has increased in 2012 in which as many as 177 cases of KPD (2.58%) and in
2013 increased to 236 cases KPD (4.22%).
This researsch to know the description of risk factors for premature rupture of the women
giving birth in hospitals Prof. Dr. Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto in 2008.
This research is quantitative descriptive, with a retrospective approach. The sample used was
quota sampling, samples of this study was the incidence of KPD in hospitals Prof. Dr.
Margono Soekarjo in 2008 were 100 maternal. Data were analyzed using univariate
The result showed most respondents did not have a twin pregnancy is 60 respondents (60%),
parity respondent is risky (primiparous and grandemultipara) of 57responden (57%), age of
the respondents is at risk (<20 the year and> 35 years) as many as 61 respondents ( 61%).
Keywords: Risk Factors KPD, KehamilanKembar, Age, Parity.