Background: One of the efforts to accelerate the reduction in maternal mortality
and infant is the approach to maternal and neonatal health services quality, that
do visit antenatal or Antenatal Care (ANC).
Objective: To determine the relationship between the level of satisfaction of
pregnant women to antenatal care with motivation do antenatal care.
Methods: This study was descriptive correlation with cross sectional approach.
The sampling technique used was accidental sampling. Samples were pregnant
women, a number of 30 respondents.
Results: From the results, the majority of pregnant women to the level of
satisfaction of antenatal care services is quite satisfied as much as 15 respondents
(50%), and most of the motivation of respondents are currently as many as 15
respondents (50%).
Conclusion: There is a relationship between satisfaction pregnant women to
antenatal care with the motivation to do antenatal care in Purwokerto Kulon
village in 2012 with Ï-value <α (0.000 <0.05).

Keywords: Satisfaction Pregnancy, Antenatal Care, Motivation Antenatal Care