ackground: About 1/3 of the population of Indonesia consists of this age group who need to receive
guidance and attention, because at that age is a period of transition in the life cycle from childhood to
adulthood is fraught with problems and challenges of life (Dep Kes RI and WHO, 2003). Periods of
transition of children from pre puberty until just before puberty is a period which is quite difficult for
a child. At this time important changes occur in both physical and behavioral. Menarche be an
important thing for a woman and needs special attention. Lack of knowledge about reproduction,
especially menstruation in young women can have an impact on readiness to face menarche.
Readiness or unreadiness to face menarche impact on the individual reactions of young women at the
time of first menstruation can have a positive or negative.
Objective: To describe the level of knowledge and attitudes about menarche in young women SMP
Negeri 2 Twinning period of 2009.
Results: This research is quantitative descriptive cross-sectional approach that uses data collection
instruments with a questionnaire, to a total of 70 students were taken in total sampling that will be
analyzed by univariate analysis.
Conclusion: The level of knowledge of young girls about good enough menarche were 38 (54.3%),
less good, that 25 (35.7%) and either is 7 (10%), the attitude of menarche young girls who have
attitude does not support as many as 36 (51 , 4%) and being supportive 34 (48.6%).
The level of knowledge about menarche in young women SMP Negeri 2 twins with enough category
either does not support.

Keyword : Knowledge, attitudes, teenage daughter, menarche