Background: One of the most influential factors for the high maternal mortality
rate (MMR) is the attitude and behavior, supported also by the knowledge of the
mother towards her pregnancy, especially of high-risk pregnancies. Due to the
level of a fairly good knowledge of a pregnant woman will entrust himself to
health care rather than a shaman. Based on the results of a survey conducted on
22 health centers in Purbalingga, for data delivery using the quack from January
to November 2010 at most at the health center as much as 133 maternal
Objective: To determine the relationship between knowledge about third trimester
pregnant women at high risk of pregnancy by election workers birth attendants in
health centers Rembang Rembang sub-district in 2010.
Methods: This study was descriptive correlation with cross sectional approach.
The sample used is purposive sampling, the sample is third trimester pregnant
women. Samples in this study 67 respondents. The instrument used was a
questionnaire with chi-square analysis of the data.
Results: From the results, the majority of pregnant women knowledge about the
high risk of pregnancy is pretty much as 27 respondents (40.3%), select power
delivery by health workers as much as 44 respondents (65.7%), no relation of
knowledge of pregnant women with election auxiliary power delivery with value
count x2> x2 table (19.631> 5.991)
Conclusion: There is a relation between knowledge of pregnant women with
childbirth attendants election

Keywords: Knowledge, Helper Labor, Pregnancy Trimester III, High Risk