The efforts to increase breastfeeding (ASI) contribute greatly to decrease infant
mortality and declining prevalence of malnutrition among children under five. With the
attainment of breastfeeding is still far below the national target, a sign that awareness of the
mothers in breastfeeding still need ditingkatkan.Cakupan exclusive breastfeeding in Banyumas
56.2% is still below the target of achieving exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia by 80%. Based
on the results of a survey conducted in Puskesmas North Purwokerto 1 data obtained ASI lowest
coverage in Sub Purwanegara by 45%.
Determine the relationship of mother's knowledge and work with exclusive
breastfeeding in infants aged 0-6 months in Sub Purwanegara District of North Purwokerto,
Banyumas regency in 2011.
This study is an analytic study with a correlation study. with cross sectional approach.
The sample used is total sampling, samples of this study are mothers with babies aged 0-6
months. Samples in this study 49 respondents. Instrument in this study was a questionnaire with
data analysis using chi-square.
From the results, there is a relationship between knowledge of mothers with exclusive
breastfeeding is largely exclusive breastfeeding mother's knowledge about enough of (44.9%).
There is no employment relationship with Exclusive breastfeeding is mostly mothers work as
much (69.4%), most respondents did not provide exclusive breastfeeding to their babies as much
There is a relationship with the mother's knowledge exclusive breastfeeding and no
employment relationship with exclusive breastfeeding.

Keywords: Awareness, Employment, Exclusive Breastfeeding