Background: Each year the world's estimated birth about 20 million or 27% of
deaths due to low birth weight neonates. Factors causing LBW from maternal
factors, fetal factors and environmental factors. LBW births partly caused by
premature birth, and partly because of impaired growth during pregnancy.
Objective: To identify risk factors for LBW picture on BBL Banjarnegara District
Hospital in 2011.
Methods: This research method is descriptive survey based on primary data and
secondary data were taken using a live interview at the hospital in 2011
Banjarnegara in 12-25 June 2011.
Results: The majority of babies born at low birth weight category largely on the
parity of more than 4 by 66.7%, the gestational age preterm/dismatur respectively
88.2% and 100%. With anemia/preeclampsia respectively 58.3% and 62.5%.
Experienced weight gain of less than 9 kg of 70%. Gemeli baby at 66.7%.
Conclusion: Compared with children born with BBLN, the risk factors of infants
born with low birth weight was greater in mothers with parity more than 4, with a
gestational age preterm/dismatur, with anemia/preeclampsia, experience weight
gain of less than 9 kg, and birth gemeli baby.
Keywords: Risk factors for LBW, Newborn