Intra Uterine Device (IUD) contraception is still little used in family planning programs in
Indonesia. IUD have been shown to not increase the risk of infection, perforation and bleeding.
However, the incidence of expulsion higher (6-10%). Based on preliminary studies that have been
conducted by researchers at February 25, 2013 in Kembaran I Health Center data obtained from
the 272 acceptor which uses, 121 IUD acceptors IUD are experiencing expulsion.
This study aims to describe the incidence of expulsion of Contraception IUD (Intra Uterine Device)
Post-Partum in Regional Kembaran I Health Center at 2014.
Methods the study was a retrospective descriptive approach. The sample used is total sampling.
The sample was all women who use the contraceptive IUD are 272 acceptors.
From these studies showed acceptors were 151 (55.5%) did not undergo expulsion, while the
acceptor 72 (62.1%) with parity primiparous, 87 (53.4%) acceptor with a history of service
Jampersal and 81 (50.6 %) acceptor with a history of mounting <40 days experienced expulsion.
From these results the authors concluded that most of the acceptors are not experiencing
expulsion, expulsion is experiencing acceptor with parity primiparous, with a history of
service Jampersal acceptor and acceptor with a history installation <40 days. Finally 272
total acceptor IUD acceptors who suffered expulsion of as many as 121 acceptor.

Keywords: post partum expulsion, IUD.