Based on the decree number 129 / U / 1998 makes Undergraduate nursing education
programs implementing the educational curriculum of the nursing profession in the two (2 )
phases , namely the phase of academic and professional stage which is a unity . Many people who
can not distinguish between SKp . and S.Kep , so some institutions recruit S.Kep . as a
professional nurse when they do not have the ability as a nurse because not follow professional
education ( Ns . ) . As a result of the many graduates who did not take part in education until the
stage of the profession . Study Program held STIKES Harapan Bangsa Purwokerto one of them is
a professional course of study nurses
Long-term goals determine the factors that influence whether or not a student interests
and continuing professional education nurses in STIKES Harapan Bangsa Purwokerto
The research design is descriptive analytic cross - sectional approach . Unstratified
sampling using random sampling with a sample size of 50 respondents . Respondents in question
are students who are studying nursing and professional nurses S1 . The research instrument a
questionnaire about the respondents' knowledge , perception , motivation and supprot system.

Keywords : Interest , knowledge , perception , motivation , support system , nurses