Background: As care provider, the nurses providing nursing care service to help
improve respiratory function COPD patients.
Objectives: To investigate the influence of CKD position and CKD position
toward PLB to increased respiratory Functions of COPD patients.
Methods: An experimental study was design randomized control trial pre-post test
with control group technique among 33 COPD patients.
Result: This study found that there is not significant difference between before
intervention group and after intervention group with the p-value > α.
Conclusion: The CKD position and PLB therapy are more effective than CKD
posision or semi-flower to decrease the problem of dipsnea. Three-day-treatment
of CKD posision and PLB done continually is as effective as the CKD position of
single treatment to increase SaO2 and to increase RR respectively than that with
semi fowler position.

keywords: RR, SaO2, Problem of dipnea, Quantity exhaled air, COPD, PLB, the
position of CKD