Exclusive breastfeeding in the Banyumas a decline of 53.6% in 2011 to 49.9% in 2012.
That's because the husband's lack of support exclusive breastfeeding. If fathers support and know
the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding rate reached 98.1%. Otherwise without the support of her
husband, the success rate of exclusive breastfeeding was 26.9%.
This study aims to determine the characteristics of the relationship with the husband's
support exclusive breastfeeding in rural areas Kedunguter Banyumas district in 2013.
This study was an observational study with a correlational design with cross sectional
approach. Sampling tec hnique in this study uses total sampling, the study sample were married
couples who have a baby with a good 0-6 months of exclusive breast-fed and non- breast fed
exclusively by 30 couples. Questionnaires measuring instruments used and the type of data is the
primary data. Data analysis using chi-square.
There is a significant correlation between the age of husband, education and knowledge to
support exclusive breastfeeding in the Village Kedunguter Banyumas district Banyumas in 2013
with a value of ?-value <a and there is no significant relationship between the husband's job to
support exclusive breastfeeding in the Village District Kedunguter Banyumas Regency Banyumas in
2013 with a value of ?- value> a .

Keywords : Characteristics, Husband, Support, exclusive breastfeeding