Background : Health development as part of efforts to develop human, among
others, held through the efforts of the health of children, with stimulation,
detection, and early intervention developmental done as early as possible.
Approximately 16% of children under five years old (toddlers) Indonesia
experienced neurodevelopmental disorders and brain from mild to severe, and 2
out of 1,000 babies impaired motor development, hence the need to speed
diagnosis and therapy for the healing process. Coverage SDIDTK (Stimulation,
Detection and Interverensi Growth) in Puskesmas Puskesmas Kalibagor
Baturaden 7.41% and 26.18%. Midwives spearhead SDIDTK activities should be
well trained and knowledgeable in the use and development of the body intervene
Objective : The purpose of this study was to determine the description of
Midwives Knowledge About SDIDTK (stimulation, detection and early
intervention developmental) in Toddlers Age 2 Years in health centers and health
centers Baturaden I Kalibagor Banyumas 2014.
Method : The research method using a type of research that is descriptive
quantitative with cross sectional approach. This study uses primary data taken in
August 2014 at the Health Center and Health Center Baturaden I Kalibagor
Banyumas. Sempel retrieval using the technique with the number of total sample
of 30 respondents.
Result : The results of this study are most midwives in health centers and
Kalibagor Baturaden I have good knowledge of as many as 19 respondents
(63.3%) and sufficient knowledge of 11 respondents (36.6%).

Keyword : Knowledge, Midwife, SDIDTK