The anxiety experienced by pre-surgery Benign Prostat Hiperplasi (BPH )
patients may lead to the stress like nervous feeling of the operation which further
affect the autonomic nervous system. The increase of adrenal glands release
adrenaline, which causes the body to increase the heart frequency.Anxiety causes
the cognitive, psychomotoric, and physiological responses, one of them is an
increase in the blood pressure.
The purpose of this study was to know the correlation between anxiety
levels and blood pressure increase on patients of pre- surgery benign prostate
hyperplasia (bph) in prof. margono soekarjo hospital purwokerto 2016.
The type of this research was descriptive correlation with cross sectional
approach. The sampling technique used consecutive sampling, while the samples
of this study were the patients who underwent surgery for BPH in Prof. Dr.
Margono Soekarjo Hospital Purwokerto as many as 30 people. Further, the
statistical analysis used Spearman rank analysis.
The result of this study showed that half of respondents experienced
moderate anxiety as many as 15 respondents (50%). Most respondents
experienced an increase in the blood pressure as much as 19 respondents
(63.3%). Hence, it can be concluded that there is a significant correlation
between the level of anxiety and an increase in blood pressure over pre-surgery
patients with p value: 0.003.

Keywords: anxiety, pre-surgery, blood pressure