Concept of caring mentioned much in nursing practice, but rarely defined in the context of nursing
education. The establishment and maintenance of caring behavior is important to set up the time
of learning in the lecture bench. Caring behavior of students in the learning process is important
because it can make the students become confident and caring can apply to their peers, as a basis
for caring for patients when it works. Formation of caring behavior is influenced by many factors,
one of which emotional intelligence.
The purpose of this study to analyze the relationship between emotional intelligence and caring
behavior D3 Nursing student.
This research is a quantitative observational with cross sectional design with a sample of 182 D3
Nursing student. Sampling with a total sampling. The research instrument was a questionnaire.
Analysis to test the hypothesis between independent and dependent variables with Pearson product
Emotional intelligence research results averaged 48.64 with SD 5.36; for caring behavior an
average of 35.96 with 3.121 SD; there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and caring
behavior (p value 0.000).

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Caring Behavior Nursing Student