Background: Many factors contribute to the problem of malnutrition may be partly due to
poverty, lack of food supplies, poor environmental sanitation, including lack of public
knowledge about nutrition and health. Poor nutritional status in childhood can lead to
disruption of the growth process. Due to lack of nutrition will cause some serious side effects
such as physical growth failure, not optimal development and intelligence, decreased
productivity, and decrease the body's resistance to disease which increases the risk of
morbidity and mortality.
Objective: To determine the relationship of nutritional knowledge of mothers about the
nutritional status of children based on weight / age in MIDWIFE PRACTICES SELF Nunik
Murtiningsih village Amd.Keb Pasinggangan District of Banyumas Banyumas in 2012.
Methods: The study design is Correlation study with cross sectional approach. The
population in this study were mothers with babies in the village Pasinggangan. The samples
are saturated sample, sample of this research is all mothers with children under five in the
village Pasinggangan Banyumas. Analysis of the data in this study is a statistical test by
using Chi-square formula (χ²).
Results: From the research, the majority of mothers about infant nutritional knowledge is
pretty much as 8 respondents (40%), most of the nutritional status of children was as much as
8 respondents (40%). The results of this study based on the value of the correlation
coefficient pvalue <α (0.010 <0.05), then Ho is rejected and Ha accepted. It can be
concluded that the strength of the relationship is strong.
Conclusion: Most of the mothers in the village Pasinggangan knowledge about good
nutritional and nutritional status of children is also good. There is a relationship between
knowledge of mothers about infant nutrition with nutritional status based on weight / age
with a strong correlation coefficient.

Keywords: Toddlers Nutritional Status, Knowledge, Toddler Nutrition.