Objective: The purpose of this research was to determine the risk factors for
preeclampsia in pregnant women in Banyumas General Hospital in 2011.
Method: Methods This research is descriptive Retrospective Study. The sample
was pregnant with the number of 324 respondents drawn using purposive
sampling technique.
Results: The results of this research are risk factors for preeclampsia is largely
dominated by age group> 35 years were 51 respondents (68%), parity
grandemultipara many as 13 respondents (65%), history of hypertension as much
as 109 respondents (66.5), and who experienced pregnancy double as much as 8
respondents (80%).
Conclusion: The conclusion of this research that factor - is a risk factor for
preeclampsia in pregnant women over the age of 35 years, parity
grandemultipara, had a history of hypertension and those with multiple

Keywords: Risk Factors Preeclampsia, Pregnancy.