Breastfeeding technique is one of the factors that affect milk production. If the
incorrect feeding techniques, it can cause blisters and make the nipple breastfeeding
mothers and babies rarely will affect subsequent milk production. Because milk
production is strongly influenced by baby sucking at the breast. This study aims to
determine the relationship of the level of knowledge proper breastfeeding techniques
with nipples rush incident in breastfeeding mothers at Teluk village, Purwokerto
Selatan sub district, Banyumas District, 2013.
This research is a correlation descriptive with cross sectional approach.
Sampling Technique in this research uses total sampling. Sample of this research is
Nursing Mother 0-6 month who live at Teluk village, Purwokerto Selatan Sub District
with value 25 respondents. Collecting data using questionnaires.the type of data is
the primary data and data analysis using chi square, because the data in the form of
categorical data (nominal and ordinal) with a maximum cell number 5 of the second
The majority of woman experience sore nipples that as many as 16 respondent
(64%). Breastfeeding knowledge about proper breastfeeding techniques most have
sufficient knowledge of the 14 respondents (56%). After analysis of data obtained by
chi square p value < α that is 0,017 < 0,05 thus Ho is rejected and Ha is
received.Can conclude that there was a significant relationship between knowledge
of proper breastfeeding techniquea with nipple rush in breastfeeding mothers

Key words: knowledge of breastfeeding techniques, nipple rush.