Pain is a sensory experience and an unpleasant emotion due to actual or
potential tissue damage. Pain in post-caesarian surgery incision area will cause
discomfortness. one of non-pharmacologic to reduce the pain is a hearing disraction
by murotal surah Ar Rahmaan.
The objective from this research is to knowing an effect of murotal Ar
Rahmaan therapy to reduce the intensity of pain of a post-caesarian surgery patient
at RSUD Prof. Dr. Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto
This research use an pre-experimental pathway and use an pretest-posttest
design. The data acquired by using a 0 - 10 numeric pain scale. Sample in this
experiment is a patient that had been over a caesarian surgery procedure. The
sampling technique used in this research is an accidental sampling, but the amount of
sampel is limited to 30 samples. The statistical test in this research is a paired t test.
The research shows a reduction of a pain mean level, which is shows 6,53 a
pain mean level before therapy given and 3,63 after the therapy Murotal Ar Rahmaan
is given. P score 0,000 (0,05) and count t 11,164 (> t table). In order of that, Ho get
rejected and Ha accepted.
Based of the description above we can conclude there's a positive effect of
Murotal Ar Rahmaan therapy to reduce pain intensity of post-caesarian surgery in
RSUD Prof. Dr. Margono Purwokerto, so that this therpy can be used as
complimentary therapy to reduce pain intensity.

Keyword: pain, post-caesarian surgery, Murotal Ar Rahmaan