Sindarom menopause experienced by many women nearly all the world at the age
of 47-51 years of physical and psychological changes that affect demeanor.
Interest to know the description of knowledge and attitudes about menopause
premenopausal women in the village Ledug Kembaran subdistrict, Banyumas
regency of 2014.
This research method is quantitative descriptive cross-sectional approach,
instrument used was a questionnaire given to 83 respondents using purposive
sampling technique that will be analyzed by univariate analysis.
The results showed that attitudes about menopause in premenopausal women in
the village Ledug mostly in the category of positive attitude that as many as 47
people (56.6%).
It is concluded that the description of the attitude in women 47-51 years of
menopause mostly have a positive attitude.
Keywords: Menopause, Attitude.