Pregnancy, childbirth, and being a mother is a women’s physiological. These event are the
transition of women’s life. In some women, the transition can cause stress that resulting negative
thing, feeling scared and depression to her new life. Mother who experienced depression can
influence readiness role being mother at Mother and Child Hospital Bunda Arif Purwokerto in
This type of research is comparative study with was crosss sectional approach. The
technique of sample interpretation used purposive sampling with 68 sample consist of 34
pregnant women and 34 postpartum women.The instrument of this research were BDI II’s
questionnaire, EPDS’s questionnaire, and the readiness of role questionnaire that has already put
to a test according to validity and realibility using correlation of product moment. Data analysis
use test U Mann Whitney, it is test that comparing 2 independent group.
The conclusion of research is there are differences depression in pregnant women and
depression in postpartum women in the case of readiness role being mother in Mother and Child
Hospital Bunda Arif Purwokerto with Ï value = 0,000. Therefore pregnant women and
postpartum women are expected to increase knowledge about pregnancy and maternity so that
they have information about the things that must be prepared related to their role as a mother.

Key words : depression, pregnant women, postpartum women/ maternal, the readiness of the
role of being a mother