Immunization program has been developed. It was done during
prevention of some disease that preventable by immunization (PD31),
i.e.tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertusis, measles, polio, tetanus, and hepatitis B.
After data was evaluated, result known that there are still many areas with under
target immunization, even there is too extreme slack. One of efforts done is
promotion program; such activates illumination about importance of
immunization for babies and school-children and also childbearing age and
pregnant mother, so public knowledge about immunization will motivate them
to care and follow immunization without any worried.
Purpose of this study is to know the impact of immunization
illumination for mother’s knowledge and attitude increase about complete
basic immunization for 1 year old baby. It was a comparative study with
posttest-only approach and control group experimental design, which is
experiment among 2 groups, treated group and untreated group as controller.
Sample size was determined by cluster random sampling using proportion
estimation statistical of population 60 toddler’s mother.Data was collected using
questionnaire about mother’s knowledge and attitude about complete basic
immunization. It was firstly tested by validity and reliability test before. Analysis
used was Two Independent Sample t-test by SPSS for Windows program
version 17. The result of knowledge achieved t-value = 5.387 with probability
0.000, whereas attitude achieved t-value = 11.495 with probability 0.000.
According to analysis result, it is concluded that there is impact of immunization
illumination for mother’s knowledge increase about complete basic immunization.
Beside that, there is also impact of immunization illumination for mother’s
attitude about complete basic immunization to become better.

Key words : Promotion, Knowledge and Attitude