Menopause is a process of transition from a productive period heading slowly to the
non-productive time due to reduced estrogen and progesterone. When a person enters the
pre-menopausal age, physical and psychological changes occur. Due to lack of knowledge
of women about menopause, the majority of women experience anxiety due to the physical
changes that occur during menopause. The village is the highest village first Gembongan
number of women aged 40-44 years as many as 114 people. Based on a preliminary survey
of the 10 mothers aged 40-44 years as many as 4 out of menopause but the mother said as
many as six people do not know. This research is quantitative descriptive study, with crosssectional,

population in this study were mothers of pre-menopausal (ages 40-44 years) in
the village Gembongan Sigaluh District of Banjarnegara district. until the time of the study,
namely 114 ibu.Teknik study using simple random sampling technique, by the way whipped
54 people. The data used are primary data in the form of a questionnaire that was tested for
validity and reliability. Analysis of the form of the univariate analysis in the form of distrusi
frequency. The results showed the mother's knowledge of pre menopause mostly have
enough knowledge that 26 respondents (48.1%), the majority of respondents who have a
good knowledge of socio-economic <730.000, - as many as five respondents (71.4%), the
majority of respondents knowledgeable both have a college education is as much as three
respondents (100%), the majority of respondents were knowledgeable either obtain
information from sources of documentary information as much as 2 respondents (100%)
with good knowledge.

Keywords: knowledge, maternal pre-menopause, menopause