Anxiety in pregnant women is an unpleasant feeling of fear which is accompanied by
physiological symptoms. Increased anxiety is not treated can end in complications of
pregnancy and childbirth. In some developed countries like the United States have
developed a non-pharmacological methods to deal with labor that is hypnobirthing.
Hypnobirthing is a natural method used to eliminate the fear, panic, tension and other
pressures that haunt the mother during labor. The purpose of this research was to
determine the effectiveness of hypnobirthing techniques to decrease anxiety levels
primigravida pregnant women in the face of labor in the Gulf Village South Purwokerto.
This study is a pre-experimental design with pre-experimental one-group pre-post test
design using a quantitative approach. The data were obtained using a questionnaire.
Samples were 16 pregnant women primigravida. Statistical test using the Wilcoxon Signed
Rank Test of significance α = 0.05. The results showed the average value of the
respondents' level of anxiety before hypnobirthing at 27.31 and after 12.12 with the
difference value of 15.188. Statistical analysis showed that hypnobirthing techniques have
significant effects where p = 0.000 (p <0.05).
The conclusion of this study is hypnobirthing technique effectively to decrease anxiety
levels of pregnant women in the face of labor in primigravida Gulf Village South
Keywords: Hypnobirthing, anxiety, pregnant women primigravida